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Seprinto & Partners at Intergraf 2022 in Lyon


Seprinto & Partners at Intergraf 2022 in Lyon, France

We at Seprinto & Partners were happy to participate in an actual live event this April in Lyon, France. After all the online meetings, everybody was delighted to meet friends and customers in real life. Intergraf 2022 set the beginning of a new era for us. All six companies within Seprinto & Partners were present at one booth for the first time. The tremendous response from customers showed us that offering a collective entrance with various products and services for the security printing industry is the right way to the future. We are grateful for the experience and the great organisation and cannot wait to meet everybody again!

Seprinto & Partners at Intergraf 2022

Seprinto & Partners

Seprinto & Partners is a network of security printing experts covering a broad spectrum of application areas. Our common motivation: Providing innovations, improvements and cost savings by optimizing our clients’ printing processes.

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